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Young Neanderthals want you!

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An association named The Young Neanderthals (inspired by an activist group possibly known as ‘The Young Libs’) are having huge fun at the moment, and one is tempted to join up except for the commitment of rabble-rousing every weekend. (Alas, one is getting older.)

But their recruitment posters rock! Their choice of inspiration is an embarrassment of riches:  Charlie Cartney’s quirky demand of “Get some sluts for me’’… Stefan Eracleous describing Ol’ Germs as a ”l*ying f*ing c*m g*zzling sl*t” … Jack Lyons’ witty characterisation of Bendigo’s ethnic museum as “ching chong gardens“.

But clearly there is a lot of sex and innuendo on the mind, and why not?! — like “Simon Crean as ‘a giant C’” and the semi-mystical remark, “shirts are for faggots.” But the poster that most caught our eye was an earnest homage to Tim Dark’s cheerful confession: “I hate women with hairy armpits as do the majority of males.” Adding: “‘BTW women please PLEASE shave your armpits I nearly puked.’

Here it is. Happy days!

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