On the Run: Australian Crime Writers in America Giveaway

We’re pleased to have five copies each of these books written by the Australian crime writers in America for the ‘On the Run’ tour.

To win, simply email info@dailyreview.com.au with the following as your subject:

‘Jock Serong giveaway’ if you want Preservation (valued at $22.99, thanks to Text Publishing)

‘Emma Viskic giveaway’ if you want Resurrection Bay (valued at $29.99, thanks to Echo Publishing)

‘Robert Gott giveaway’ if you want The Autumn Murders (valued at $29.99, thanks to Scribe Publications)

‘Sulari Gentill giveaway’ if you want Crossing the Lines (valued at $29.99, thanks to Pantera Press)

Entries close 11.59pm Thursday November 14.

Limit of one entry per person.

Former competition details

Anna Krien, ‘Act of Grace’ giveaway