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Win a copy of Jeff Apter’s John Farnham biography, PLAYING TO WIN

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Teen idol. King of Pop. Voice of the common man. Australian of the Year. Friend. Icon. Superstar.

John Farnham is the quintessential Aussie legend. As a teenager he gave up an apprenticeship to chase his musical dreams, hitting the big time with ‘Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)’. A family man at heart, and the most loyal of friends, John was sometimes uncomfortable with the spotlight and for many years struggled to take his career to the heights that those close to him, including Molly Meldrum and Glenn Wheatley, felt it could reach.

He finally hit his stride with 1986’s Whispering Jack and the breakaway success of ‘You’re the Voice’, which became the anthem of a generation. John lived it up – holidaying with the Skases and dining at the Lodge with Bob Hawke – but always came back down to earth. And the King of Pop would also become king of the comeback, showing longevity rare in the music industry.

Thanks to the support of those close to John, author and music industry insider Jeff Apter provides a rare glimpse inside Farnsie’s world. Insightful, entertaining and deeply personal, Playing to Win is the definitive John Farnham story.

Daily Review has FIVE copies of Playing to Win to give away.

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9 responses to “Win a copy of Jeff Apter’s John Farnham biography, PLAYING TO WIN

  1. Being a single mum , l,m trying my best to hint to my two kids this is what mum would love for Christmas , have loved John Farnham since l was 14 years old l am now 52, my car in named after Sadie , what a kind gesture near Christmas 🙂 🙂

  2. John played to win my heart the moment he walked on stage at the Myer music bowl singing Sadie back in the early 7os. It’s never skipped a beat in all that time to his music,sense of humor and humility. And a smile to bring me to my knees.

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