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Welcome to Daily Review, where we will present news, reviews, information, opinion and commentary about the arts in Australia with the less-than-humble hope that we can help stoke the flames of Australia’s national culture.
We intend to present Daily Review readers with lively, opinionated and informed responses to the arts by focusing on what, why, how and when artists are creating work.
We want to know what  actors, writers, dancers, artists, photographers, producers, curators or musicians are preparing and what they are presenting on our stages, screens, galleries and museums. We want to know what they are reading, watching and what they are thinking. Our writers and correspondents, be they staff reporters, commentators, audience members, or arts practitioners, can contribute to the national conversation, and we hope that Daily Review will become the virtual meeting place for those discussions, debates and arguments.
Our critics will be informed by their role as observers but reflect a faith in and empathy for the creative processes. At Daily Review, we believe in the integrity and value artists’ diverse endeavours, and while artists won’t be placed put on a plinth of adoration, their commitment to exploring new creative territory won’t be questioned.
Art tells us stories in ways that fact cannot. Art tells truths by deploying skills and imagination that are not driven by order, logic or rationality. Art finds us even when we don’t want to be found, informs us even when we don’t want to be informed. It gets under our skin. It provokes our emotions. It stretches our intellects. It creates new horizons.  And at Daily Review, we want to create a home for art and an intellectual go-between for art makers and art audiences.
Australians are interested in news and the way the world works, in sport, in business, in politics, but it is the creative faculties that illuminate these worlds and communicates their truths. The creative voice – whether in visual arts, performance, literature, design or music – is the most intoxicating prism through which to experience life and the world around us.
The arts make us feel good. They amplify our joy and our grief.  They teach us scale. They philosophise by stealth. They are an essential companion to the business of life, the nitty-gritty, the prosaic, the practical. The arts are not an adjunct of life. Art is life.

4 responses to “Welcome to Daily Review

  1. “We want to know what actors, writers, dancers, producers, curators or musicians are preparing…”
    Not photographers, or artists…?

  2. Great initiative but alarmingly the Daily Review appears to believe that Australian arts and culture only exist in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Very disappointing and short-sighted.

  3. Vicki: we do plan to be Australia-wide but in these early days our event-based coverage will focus on those three cities. However, we do have plenty of stories of national interest such as film reviews, album reviews and interviews. Stay tuned!

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