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It’s a long weekend in many parts of the country which brings with it a lengthy line-up of excellent live music. Here are some of our favourites in the forthcoming days:

Ben Salter

Sunday June 12 – Odeon Theatre, Hobart

Dark Mofo kicks off this weekend with a massive (sold out) gig featuring Zhu and Oscar Key Sung.

But Ben Salter (pictured above) has a long relationship with the festival, appearing previously as both a solo artist and alongside others.

He’ll be playing songs off his most recent album The Stars My Destination, accompanied by a full band—with support from Olympia.


Friday June 10 – Oh Hello! Brisbane

Saturday June 11– Platform One, Melbourne

Sunday June 12 – Oxford Arts Factory, Darlinghurst

Blurring the lines between dance, pop and rock, German duo Digitalism kicked the doors down for the meshing of rock and electronic instruments through which many other artists have since barged through.

Performing on the back of their new album Mirage, the electro-rockers are one of the genres pioneers and pack a huge live punch.

Elizabeth Rose

Friday June 10 –  elsewhere, Surfers Paradise,

Saturday June  11– The Foundry, Brisbane

Aussie DJ Elizabeth Rose has been slowly making waves in the local music scene for several years with a series of singles, EPs and festival sets.

Now touring in support of her recent single Intra, Rose’s star is set to shine even brighter. Those on the Gold Coast are in luck; her show there is a free entry.

Fatima Al Qadiri

Friday June 10 – Howler, Brunswick

Saturday June 11 – Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst

Born in Senegal, the Kuwaiti musician, composer and visual artist Fatima Al Qadiri is one of the most intriguing acts in the electronic music and art scene.

Her work defies easy categorisation. Her two albums Asiatisch (2014) and her most recent release Brute are shape-shifting mediations on memories and ideas grounded in her formative years spent under the pall of the Gulf War.

Harvey Sutherland

Sunday June 12 – The Toff in Town, Melbourne

Harvey Sutherland was one of the standouts at Meredith Festival. He was resplendent in a white jump suit and accompanied by Graeme Pogson (drum kit) and Tamil Rogeon (electric strings) wielding an electric violin like a Jedi Knight wields a lightsabre

He’s just about to head off to Europe for a couple of months to play shows in some of the capitals of the electronic music scene. See him Sunday with fellow up and comer, Bermuda.

The Living End

Friday June 10 – The Tivoli Thetare, Brisbane (SOLD OUT)

Saturday June  11 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney

One of the staples of Australian rock over the past couple of decades, The Living End is one of the most consistent outfit in the country.

Its brand of helter-skelter punk rock hasn’t changed much over the years, nor does it date.

Touring off the back of their recently released seventh album Shift, the Melbourne trio will no doubt be ready to assault the audience again with a barrage of cracking classics.

Philadelphia Grand Jury

Friday June 10  – Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst

Saturday June  11– Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy

Sydney three-piece Philadelphia Grand Jury have established a well-deserved reputation and following across the country for their raucous and jaunty live performances.

Though defined somewhere under the punk rock banner, their tunes have a knack for pop hooks that makes them an easily digestible and entertaining force for all music lovers.

After a brief breakup, the band reformed and their 2015 album Summer of Doom was their comeback release. The boys are making a whistlestop tour of the country to celebrate a fresh updated version.

Their brand of upbeat rock will be even more intense in the smaller more intimate venues they’re playing on this tour.

Radio Birdman

Friday June 10 – Max Watts, Melbourne

Saturday June 11 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

One of the all-time legends of the Australian punk scene, Radio Birdman were one of the first punk rock bands this country produced with their roots casting all the way back to the 70s.

Now, entering their fifth decade as a performing band, Radio Birdman are still up and about and still a force to be reckoned with.

Featuring original members Pip Hoyle, Rob Younger, and Deniz Tek, this is a chance to see one of the true icons of the local music scene.

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