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WATCH: Karl Stefanovic offers heartfelt apology for being ‘a complete tool’

When public figures issue apologies these days we’ve become used to the non-apology, apology — “I’m sorry IF I offended anyone”. But Today host, Karl Stefanovic, has set a new benchmark for a public mea culpa.

This morning on Today Stefanovic apologised for being an “ignorant tool” after using the word “tranny” and making a series of jokes about transgender people on yesterday’s show.

In the original segment, Stefanovic crossed to Nine reporter Christine Ahern in Rio, who had been mugged by a group of “transvestites”.

Stefanovic jokingly said: “I know that you have gone to see the police about this tranny. We have a confit made up and we know they don’t all look the same. Is that the tranny they are talking about it?”

At that point, he held up a “wanted” poster featuring Hugo Weaving’s character in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

The presenter drew plenty of criticism on social media yesterday for the segment, but is now being praised for his unequivocal apology.


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