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Driving in the dark — watch artist William Mackinnon on ‘psychological landscapes’

Melbourne artist William Mackinnon, who has a new exhibition of works at Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane from November 19 until December 15, has been showing his work since 2002. Since then, he has quickly built a reputation at home and abroad for his darkly mysterious and slightly unsettling images of moments caught beyond the urban fringes. Roads, bridges, lonely beach shacks and caravans brood under a sort of psychedelic moonlight and dappled foliage that is at once threatening and inviting.

His new show of works is titled Psychological Landscapes and in this short video he explains that term and shows his working processes from thinking about the work to putting paint to canvas.

‘Searching’, 2016, acrylic, oil and enamel on linen, 120 x150cm
William Mackinnon
‘Caravans’, 2015-6, acrylic, oil and automotive enamel on linen 120 x 150cm
‘Shedding’, 2016, acrylic, oil and automotive enamel on linen 150 x 120cm
Main Image: Hopes and fears, 2016, acrylic, oil and enamel on linen 150 x 200cm


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