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VIDEO: Tim Minchin’s scorching call for marriage equality (with a little help from Peter Allen)

Comedian and songwriter Tim Minchin has issued a rather unique musical call for marriage equality in Australia, using Peter Allen’s patriotic hit I Still Call Australia Home to take on some of the Great Bigots of this Great Southern Land.

The song, uploaded to Minchin’s Facebook page this morning, features such lyrical gems as:

“It’s bad enough these pollie-assholes pass discriminatory laws, now we’re forced to dance the plebiscite jig. But on the upside, this plebiscite might enlighten us — at least we’ll know exactly how many Aussies are bigoted cunts.”

Minchin says he opposes the plebiscite, but that if it does go ahead, we should “DROWN THE MOFOS IN ‘YES’ VOTES”.

21 responses to “VIDEO: Tim Minchin’s scorching call for marriage equality (with a little help from Peter Allen)

  1. Love will win. Remain focussed on love and the right answer will be obvious. It’s over to you.
    Tim cuts through all the verbose and pious political and religious claptrap eg. Archie below.
    GO TIM.

  2. Young Tim’s foul mouthed ditty just shows what a prole resorts to when bereft of a well considered argument.

    The solution to this same sex marriage boondoggle is an Act which registers ‘civil unions’ between consenting adults of any sex which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Marriage Act and is legislated for the specific purpose of conferring rights between couples to superannuation, asset inheritance etc.

    This Act would also have nothing to say about children as those from defacto relationships have no inferior rights to any other child born to married couples under current State or Federal Laws…. to my knowledge. Children of ‘civil unions’ would be treated no differently as those from de facto arrangements.

    Don’t forget the last time this issue was visited by the Gillard Govt in 2012 was when Gillard voted against… as did Penny Wong. Wong was right when she said that she respected the holders of traditional views on marriage enough to not change the existing Act. Now she is putting on an outrageous story about her ‘children’ being damaged by a postal plebisite!! Hello? Such transparent hypocrisy and lack of respect for the traditional view held by all major religions (including those dangerous imams) and many secular conservatives, is really beyond the pale.

    Further, the agitation from the homosexual community and their megaphones in the left media (Fran Kelly of the ABC comes to mind) opposing a plebisite of any kind is all about the possibility that they might lose it….which would, like the Republic, put the issue forward to at least a Shorten Govt (which might not be very long away).

    Given the mood of the electorate and the possibility that the kiddies might not turn out unless it is online or ‘in the cloud’, the LGBTI community have a well founded fear that the older conservatives might just get the NO vote up in the last gasp of the deplorable generation, and put Fran Kelly and the luvvies into an orgy of hysteria.

    I’m sure Tim could outdo his present foul mouthed skill in that happy event.

    1. Ranting Abbott right. Blah blah blah. Leave the politics out of it Archie Bunker. Think and focus on the issue. Love will win.

  3. Folks, don’t buy into this hatred trap devised by the religious Right. Religion and the conservatives have appealed and successfully harnessed hatred for thousands of years. They divide and conquer through this well established mechanism. Let them rant. Don’t give them Oxygen.
    Let them rave as usual. It is their hate and fear of love that will define them…and eventually kill religion. The more bigotries in an educated rational world, the more people leave religious hatred behind and chose inclusive love without fear. LOVE WILL WIN. It just may be much later if Oz chooses to be well behind other more intelligent, progressive and secure peoples.

  4. Umm … just wondering

    So with the Murdoch’s accepting $30million of taxpayers dollars from the Government (for some bullshit FOXSPORT excuse), does that make all News Corp employees similarly hidebound to the restrictions placed on ABC employees regarding not advocating their particular viewpoint on the gay marriage vote.

    Nooo … of course not. How silly of me. Why have consistency in the whole process start now ?

    1. Did you see the Thursday edition, think it was, of the NT News, a Murdoch rag? Made it very clear it was for marriage equality. Front page splash.

  5. The conduct of a man giving a woman a rose is both natural and normal, whereas the conduct of a man giving a man a roseleaf is neither.

    1. Hey Ghost. You seem to concentrate on ‘men’. Is that another religious bent? And you seem to be interested only in what others are doing in their bedrooms???
      You could titillate us all some more regarding what goes on in bedrooms. What other naughty things can you recommend?
      I’d call 10% of the population very significant and certainly part of what is ‘normal’ about humans throughout history.

  6. A brilliant song for the YES campaign. Much needed, and will thrive in the age of the Internet. Hope to hear this a lot over the next three months. Tim Minchin nails it, just as he nailed Cardinal Pell.

    I want my rights. I will not have anyone deny me my rights. And if Tim Minchin can further the cause, that would be fantastic.

    How will history remember the role the Liberals and the Nationals played in this sorry saga in Australian politics, the way the whole ridiculous plebiscite was concocted? Perhaps something like “There was always money and labour for hatred.”

    Thank God for Tim Minchin!

  7. Perhaps you, Michael Byrne, could help us understand “the argument – reasoning – principle – thoughts” of those seeking to impose their views on others. Advocating SSM is “pure activist politics”? What do you call conservative attempts to thwart the will of the Australian people?

  8. Agree! D’accord! De Acuerdo! Bestimmt! 勿論「もちろん」!!!!!!!!

    Bravo, Tim!

    I’ll be overseas shortly – will refer all negative responses should people find I’m from the Great South Land to your rousing – and “a little bit” honest (especially re racism and homophobia) song!

  9. yes yes yes to same sex marriage. let the pollies in the conservatives get lost. They don’t like change, how anyone can listen to that moron Abbott is beyond me. I love Tim Minchin.

  10. What a pity this bloke cannot understand the argument – reasoning – principle – thoughts – that lead to the conclusion of those he does not agree with. What bile he sings. This little piece will further arm the case that the marriage re-definition cause, under its “equality” banner, is pure activist politics that milks emotion in an age when politics has become dominated by the sadness of the Left in their lost cause. They no longer seek to build up; rather to level down to a barren flatness all aspects of our lives. Minchin reflects the despairing ugliness of it.

    1. How right you are. Virtue signaling is just another phrase for wanking. Maybe Tim would prefer to live in a nation where only one view is tolerated. North Korea looks good Tim. BTW, I’m for open access to the term ‘marriage’. Effective equality already exists. It’s called a Civil Union and it is, in every material sense, equal to marriage. I’m getting sick of the intolerance of those railing against intolerancece.

    2. Think, do the research, decide then act.
      We know for sure that
      discrimination = inequality = tension
      Negative social outcomes are certain,
      whatever the issue may be.
      The thinking and research are done.
      The decision can ONLY be to redefine marriage,
      excluding gender specificity of the participants.
      It is not conservative to preserve the current definition of marriage, it is ignorant and undemocratic and weak willed. Elected to govern the people, by the people, for the people. Do it.

    3. What another wonderful, truthful song from Tim Minchin. Well done Tim on broadcasting in a method that will be heard, teaching what MUST be addressed if Australia is to be taken seriously in this world.
      MOVE FORWARD AUSTRALIA, fearful conservatives are displaying their fear on their sleeves – they should be embarrassed…….why do they fear love, and in being so fearful, they cause so much pain to others when all they have done, is love???? THAT’S JUST A HORRIBLE ATTITUDE TO HAVE……think about it, conservatives just look fearful/weak/ and loveless!!!
      Australia is better than that. MOVE FORWARD

    4. What a sad little world you inhabit MB. I feel your suffering, reflected onto Tim Minchin’s song of “the barren flatness of all aspects of your life (sic).


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