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Video: Meet the Federal Minister for Empathy

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In the lead-up to the Federal Election 2019, the Federal Minister for Empathy, David Pledger, embarks on a series of interviews with the government’s front bench.

Speaking with government ministers, he will tease out what makes the government tick by seeking to understand the role that empathy plays in the development of their political sensibilities. 

The Federal Ministry for Empathy has responsibility for ensuring a nationally consistent approach to empathy, compassion and kindness and these interviews calmly interrogate that consistency in our highest office. 


Minister Pledger maps out his approach:

Our political leaders need to be empathetically and compassionately fit-for-purpose. Government is a difficult job, but I wonder if our current crop of politicians is asking the wrong question. Rather than leading with positions of fear, anger and grief, what if leadership was considered an expression of love? Would our approach to policy change then?

Recent events and government policy surrounding issues such as immigration, terrorism and border control have placed the agency of empathy front-and-centre in the consciousness of Australians as they head to the polls in May. 

Asking these questions directly of our government leaders honours the Ministry’s mission to nurture, develop and promote the emotional intelligence and well-being of Australia’s political class to ensure humanity remains front-and-centre in all their deliberations.

The series will be broadcast weekly through our media partner, Daily Review. 

The Federal Minister for Empathy will be making a public appearance on Saturday May 4 at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne.

In the video below, the first interview of the Front-bench series, the Federal Minister for Empathy discusses the nuances of practising empathy with The Federal Minister for Home.

Interview 1: The Federal Minister for Home from NYID on Vimeo.

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