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Video: The Federal Minister for Empathy on god and masculinity

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In the lead-up to the Federal Election 2019, the Federal Minister for Empathy*, David Pledger, is conducting a series of interviews with the government’s front bench. Speaking with government ministers, he will tease out what makes the government tick by seeking to understand the role that empathy plays in the development of their political sensibilities.

In the second of the series, he interviews the Chosen Minister as they chat about issues of god and masculinity. The Chosen Minister reveals “I am very big on emotions ”, however he argues that they have no place in policy dealing with off-shore detention.

*The Federal Ministry for Empathy has responsibility for ensuring a nationally consistent approach to empathy, compassion and kindness and these interviews calmly interrogate that consistency in our highest office. 

You can watch the first episode of the Minister’s video series here

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