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Watch: As UK waits for the results, filmmaker Ken Loach lends Jeremy Corbyn a hand

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The UK election result is, well, maybe only minutes away and although the Conservatives are expected to garner a slim victory, the turnout for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has been much greater than expected. In an example of an artist using their skills to support a political party (as opposed to an artist simply expressing their support for a cause) acclaimed “social realist” film director Ken Loach has been producing videos tor the Corbyn campaign. They seem to have worked.

2 responses to “Watch: As UK waits for the results, filmmaker Ken Loach lends Jeremy Corbyn a hand

  1. Jeremy Corbyn’s unexpected bump up in the UK election is…amusing.

    He is the political mirror image of D. Trump, V. Putin and P. Hansen.

    The only difference is that he hates his own country.

  2. Amusing? What a limited, uninformed, pedestrian and biased response to the performance of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in this week’s British elections. Those who were “amused” at the recent history of Corbyn and the attempts at his character assassination, now are the ones being laughed at!
    Labour, and Corbyn’s, efforts in the election have proved to be something quite different to the pleasant diversion that many thought, even expected (even in his own party), in the challenge that Corbyn and the Labour Party presented to the present Conservative government of Theresa May. If you want something to laugh at, then look at the inept, brittle, lacklustre, uninspiring, even pathetic performance of Theresa May and many in the Conservative Party and the latter’s incompetent attempt at putting together a party manifesto.
    Of course, you may first be required to look squarely at your own prejudices and their accompanying biases before being so scathing and falsely critical of Jeremy Corbyn. What misjudgement you are guilty of with your political mirroring. What falsity in accusing Corbyn of “not loving his own country”. Where is your evidence – beyond the gross right-wing fulminations of the Australian and British press (with, lamentably, an Australian as their source and inspiration).
    May I invite you to read my latest blog ( – “His many missteps notwithstanding”) in order to contemplate the truth behind the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the convincing way he answered his critics in the election. In the belief that we need to live in hope, you might even have cause to change your opinion.

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