Trump, Kim and the theatre of the absurd

“President Trump isn’t doing this for theatre. He’s going to solve a problem” – Then CIA Director Mike Pompeo (now US Secretary of State).

A summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is gathering speed. However, Daily Review has acquired the transcript of a meeting between the two men, hidden in plain sight:

Kim: Dotard.

Trump: Rocket man.

Kim: Mentally deranged.

Trump: Little rocket man.

Kim: Lunatic.

Trump: Loser.

Kim: Cannibal.

Trump: Madman.

Kim: Gangster.

Trump: Murderer.

Kim: Hard of hearing.

Trump: Maniac.

Kim: Bastard.

Trump: Bad dude.

Kim: Bereft of reason.

Trump: Sick puppy.

Kim: Old and fat.

Trump: I too have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and more powerful . . . and my button works.

Kim: A frightened dog barks louder.

And thus it was, with such dialogue, that the world hoped North Korea would agree to disarm its nuclear arsenal, and stop production and acquiring of all materiel used in the production of nuclear missiles. Its nuclear weapon facilities to be turned into libraries.

The US would lift all sanctions.

Would it also be possible that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un agree to meet once a year to play golf, and discuss the latest hairstyles.

Main image: Randall Park as Kim Jong-un in The Interview (2014)

3 responses to “Trump, Kim and the theatre of the absurd

  1. Why doesn’t anybody mention that North Korea and others have offered to denuclearise if Uncle Slam does so to? American exceptionalism. True story. I know Razer dismisses Anarchist Chomsky as a liberal, but he is one of few talking truth on this. This is not Warwick’s best work.

    1. Or conversely, why is North Korea subject to mounting scaremongering and vilification over its nuclear weapons program, while threatening weirdos in Israel and the Ukraine, India and Pakistan, get a free pass?


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