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Should triple J change the date of its Hottest 100? ABC wants your thoughts

The debate over a push to change the date of Triple J’s long-standing Hottest 100 countdown has raged significantly over the last year.

Although it doesn’t look like the official celebration of Australia Day will be moving from January 26 any time soon, the Hottest 100 might make a move to ensure it can be more inclusive for musicians and music fans.

Triple J announced it would review the date of the countdown in September last year, in response to a social media campaign calling for the countdown to be moved to a day that’s more respectful to Indigenous people.

Triple J says its been consulting with musicians, community leaders and representative groups on the implications of hosting the countdown on January 26. Now it’s asking its listeners for their thoughts, and says it will be making an announcement in “the coming months”.

Complete the poll here and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

7 responses to “Should triple J change the date of its Hottest 100? ABC wants your thoughts

  1. I agree with all the previous comments, too.
    I’ve stopped listening to the countdown BECAUSE it’s on 26 Jan.
    Any other date, I’d tune in.

  2. I agree with all the previous comments. Change it, there is no leadership so we need to provide some.

  3. Change it to the last weekend in January, it is never about it being Australia Day for the people I celebrate Hottest 100 with, it is about the music. We would be celebrating the same way regardless of when it is, but to move it to any other month other than January is ridiculous as it is a celebration of the musical year that has passed, it is the last post Christmas New Year event before moving into another year of music , festivals, work or school..

  4. It used to be the best hangover cure ever, on New Years Day, let’s bring that back!
    Australia Day needs changing too, but the Js don’t need to wait for the pollies.

  5. First preference is to change the date of Australia Day.
    For too long it’s been an obvious, open sore which permeates and taints society from the ground up. How can we expect to get respect, understanding and equality across society when right at the base of our country’s identity is the unresolved conflict of celebrating the good things about Australia (including apparently our tolerance) on the date that our first citizens were invaded and forced off their lands.

    Absolutely ABC / JJJ should change the date of the Hottest 100 if Parliament won’t live up to its responsibilities.
    Be good to keep it in the summer break if possible.

  6. As Marieke Hardy said, why don’t the J’s go ahead and change the date, instead of taking to a cowardly plebiscite


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