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Tim Finn: My Sydney Festival top five

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Legendary singer-songwriter Tim Finn is not only appearing at next year’s Sydney Festival in his musical collaboration with the late poet Dorothy Porter, The Fiery Maze, his musical Ladies in Black is also having its Sydney premiere at the festival.

So we thought, who better to ask for their picks from the festival crop?

Here are Tim’s top five must-sees.

PJ Harvey

Who could forget the video for Good Fortune? Carelessly swinging her handbag she sang her way into my heart. An always original voice in the midst of all the mindless chatter.

Regurgitator vs Velvet Underground

I spent a summer night in Brisbane jamming on some new songs with the Gurge, back in 1997. I still have the cassette. Anything they do is worth watching and I’m sure their take on this iconic masterpiece will be memorable

Orszaczky Budget Orchestra

Jackie Orszaczky was a gentleman and a genius. He is sorely missed by the Australian music community, not least by those who knew and loved him best. This will be a gathering of love and good vibes.

Alim Qasimov Ensemble

I’m not familiar with Alim’s music, but that is an essential part of a Festival experience. To take your sense of unknowingness out into the night and get ready to fall in love. My tip, don’t YouTube it, stay stupid.


Sydney Chamber Opera take on a “Renaissance polymath”, aka Georama Cardano. Over the last few years I’ve been trying to see an opera whenever I can. I’ve been commissioned to write one and have a lot of ground to make up. For obvious reasons new ones are particularly interesting.

[box]Featured image: Tim Finn and Abi Tucker in The Fiery Maze, photo by Pia Johnson[/box]

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