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Thought Bubble: David Chesworth

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Composer David Chesworth has just returned from three months in Russia with his partner and collaborator, Sonia Leber, working on a new video work. We asked him to respond to  a few simple questions  about where he finds the meanings in art.
DChewsworth-webIf a single work of art had to represent Australia to alien life-forms, what would you choose?
Obviously Vault of course! (Ron Robertson-Swann’s  bright yellow sculpture dubbed the ‘Yellow Peril’ which was removed from Melbourne’s City Square for which it had been commissioned in 1978.)
If you could have created any work of art by another artist in any form, what would it be?
Fountain, The Musical by R. Mutt.
If art had to ask a single question, would question should it ask?
Your place or mine?
Does beauty matter in art?
For some it does but for me another effect will also do the trick.
Is mystery essential to art and why?
Yes, in order to keep you looking and listening.
Edgar Degas said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Is your success determined by what you make or how it is received?
For me it’s how it is received. I like others to see how clever I’ve been!
What high-brow-low brow confluence would you most like to see? (Wagner’s beer jingle? Proust’s day-time soap?. 
The Darling-Murray Conspiracy.
What single venue is your cultural Mecca?
Cockatoo Island 2014 Biennale.
Has any single work of art profoundly altered you on immediate impact and what was it?
Many. Berio’s Sinfonia. Reich’s Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ when I heard Minimalism for the first time.
Picasso said: “Everything you can imagine is real.” Can and should art be more real to us than life?
It should allow us to experience an aspect of life that is negated, out of reach or never before imagined.
[box]David Chesworth and Sonia Leber’s latest work is We are printers too 2013 (pictured above). The video work  is now showing at the National Gallery of Victoria (Federation Square) as part of the Melbourne Now exhibition.[/box]

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