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The four questions that torture artists (and how I'm trying to answer them)

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My name is Oscar Finch and I’m an artist and storyteller. But let me confess something. I can’t use oil paint to reproduce a majestic scene or breathtaking Renaissance portrait. But neither can Damien Hirst. Nor Tracey Emin. Nor Banksy. Nor Picasso.
But we know their names because they answered the questions few artists ever do (…4 by my count).
How can more humans get to see my work? What will make them care when they see it? What will make them care enough to give me money? And before I’m dead? (I’m looking at you Vincent Van Gogh).
Those are the questions I’m hoping to answer as I set sail on the most daunting adventure of my life and I’m inviting you in to see where the road leads (and for help along the way). It’s a tale of one artist but also all artists and I’m calling it ‘The Quest Of The Four Questions’.
My first adventure (white walls, poor artists and beautiful people…)
This year I entered the famous Archibald Portrait Prize held in the magnificent Art Gallery Of New South Wales. At the opening night I realised I was surrounded by mostly poor artists painting in the hopes of rich, immaculately beautiful (and sartorially eccentric) people noticing their works in a giant building with white walls. It’s a wonderful and curious world but not the natural habitat of humans.
So the first adventure on my quest to answer the four questions is to do the very opposite. It will bring my art and tales to where humans walk and talk and stand and think.
When I a boy, my family passed an unattended roadside fruit stand with a sign that read $2 per bunch. Alongside it was a simple container with ‘honesty box’ handwritten on its front. I gazed, awestruck by the inexplicable magic happening right before my eyes. There was an invisible meeting of human beings around that box called trust.
I’m going to try replicating that very magic as I hold…
In public places I’m going to display personally signed original prints with an honesty box. Then I’ll start to experiment.
What will happen? I’m unsure, but I’ll share the ride here on my Oscar Finch’s Adventures Blog.
These are just a few of the personally signed original prints of my artworks I’ll display first (you can also purchase one for yourself here).
I have some radical plans afoot…
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You can see Oscar’s 2015 Archibald Prize journey here

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