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The Brandis Australia Council raid so far… in pictures

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My little brother Tristian did this great essay about George Brandis and his cuts to Australia Council for the Arts. Probably he should have just answered the question the teacher asked, though.

Tristian on art, page 1

Tristian on art, page 2
















[box]You can see more of David Blumenstein and his little brother Tristian at [/box]

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5 responses to “The Brandis Australia Council raid so far… in pictures

  1. Tristian: Bravo! Deserves to be printed as a manga-style booklet (à la Street-Wize Comics) and distributed to all schools! Oh, sorry – no funds for that. But this on-line appearance will no doubt go viral anyway. It is so good to laugh at Georgie “bullshit” Brandis though! Even if only momentarily. The damage he is doing on so many fronts to our national reputation and to our national/notional psyche is truly woeful. This brilliant analysis (I give it an A+ – I’m not so concerned re the spelling – it’s the heart of the creator I most admire) allows us to learn and laugh, both. And how such pompous asses as Brandis do really hate to be laughed at!

  2. Give this man and his bro a regular spot! (But only one page; more compression.) Good, recognisable, drawings too. V G.

  3. Tristan’s teacher missed a spelling mistake. The word “literally” was misspelt on the last page. Other than that, I thought his/her response to the essay was pretty good.

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