The Boy at the edge of everything review (Southbank Theatre, Melbourne)


This play is an edgy and different story that looks as if it’s about space, but isn’t. The ads say it’s for ages eight and up, but I think it’s for anyone over six. 

There is a boy on Earth (Sebastian Lamour) who is always in the middle of everything — he has a busy family and he just wants to do nothing.

His parents (Emily Goddard and Matt Furlani) assume he wants to become an astronaut and so they build him this rocket ship kind of thing and he accidentally gets blown way into space where he floats around for ages and ages and ages and then crash lands on the edge of everything. There is a house here — on one side you look into everything and on the other side you look into nothing.

He meets another boy (Matt Furlani) there in space and he tells him about what’s been happening on Earth since he’s been gone for a long time, such as  his brother (Felix Berger-O’Neil) has grown up. The boy in space tells the boy from Earth that he’s travelled for so many years, Earth no longer exists.

Eventually, both boys fall back onto Earth (it’s all to do with really cool binoculars that are sort of there at the beginning of the story).

The set (by Andrew Bailey) is clever with lots of funny planet names like “Waterslide” or “Dog Poo” represented by balls on sticks. The furniture on the set was moved by the talented actors themselves so  no one backstage was bringing things on and off, which was good.

The play was intriguing and mesmerising. You couldn’t take your eyes off it. The script was good and quite funny, especially the scene when the family eats lasagne around the dinner table, like they do every single night.

My favourite character was the mum. All of the characters spoke in very heavy Australian accents.

I think the play was about your attitude to life. When the boy goes to space, he realises that he actually likes being in the middle of everything and that it’s better to be surrounded by family and friends and busy with after school activities and so on, than it is to be alone.

The reviewer is 11 years old 

The Boy at the Edge of Everything is written by Finegan Kruckemeyer and directed by Peter Houghton and is a Melbourne Theatre Company production at the Lawler Studio, Southbank Theatre, until October 3. Picture by Jeff Busby. The video below is about the production of an American version of the Tasmanian playwright’s play.


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