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Flickerfest short film festival welcomes you to country

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The 26th annual Flickerfest Short Film Festival launches at the Bondi Pavilion at Bondi Beach on January 6 and runs for 10 days before setting off on a national tour of 50 venues until May — fortifying its reputation as the country’s largest short film festival.

More than 2500 entries flooded in from around the world for this year’s festival and 122 were chosen for selection. Of these, 60 shorts will compete for the “Academy® Accredited Award for Best Australian Short Film”.

The Australian competition alone includes 22 world premieres, nine Australian premieres and 19 NSW premieres which will debut at the Bondi Pavilion season from January 6 to 15.

The festival’s long time director Bronwyn Kidd said the festival offers a broad range of subject matter and voices. Changes in technology have made filmmaking cheaper and not just the domain of “white men who work in advertising”, as she puts it.

“There’s a far greater mix of voices and much broader storytelling with a lot of social consciousness films,” Kidd says of the film which can range from one to 30 minutes in length.

See the Bondi Pavilion program here.


FACE, Australia, 13 min, (2016), written and directed by Luke Tierney.

James, a successful banker, urgently needs to get to the pharmacy by midnight. Unfortunately it’s 11:30pm and the only person who can drive him is his weird neighbour Steve.


WELCOME TO COUNTRY, Australia, 10 min, (2016), directed by Dean Gibson.

When a hotshot public servant is sent to a remote Aboriginal community to prepare for the Prime Minister’s visit, he quickly learns the true meaning of Welcome to Country.


TRESPASS, Australia, 11min (2016), written and directed by Mirrah Foulkes.

A woman walking her dog alone in the bush has a strange encounter.


I’M RAYMOND, Australia, 17 min, (2016), written and directed by Eddy Bell.

In the lead up to the European launch of the Banks Cheese Corporation, 8-year-old Global Warming Alarmist, Raymond Banks starts a name and shame campaign against the family company. After an underwhelming response from his parents, he enlists a drug-addicted model with a grudge to bear as his lawyer, and lodges a case in the civil court.

FISH WITH LEGS, Australia, 10 min, (2016), written by Nikos Andronicos and directed by Dave Carter.

A school of fish wakes to discover that everyone has grown legs. Is it evolution or a curse from God? (Voiced by Frank Woodley and Barry Otto.)

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