STC’s season of stars, revivals, adaptations and new work

Sydney Theatre Company’s 2019 season was announced last night and yes, they have brought the star quotient back to almost Andrew and Cate levels in a program that its artistic director Kip Williams says focuses on the family. “Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and brothers. It’s a look at how we live together, and the moral ambit of our society”.

Film, comedy and defamation-trouncing star Rebel Wilson (above) takes to the stage in a bold casting move as she appears as unmarried 40 year old daughter with mother issues in a revival of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh’s ’90s blackly comic  hit The Beauty Queen of Leanane.

Home grown US film star Mia Wasikowska (below) will appear in her stage debut – also a bold casting move – as Ralph in a new stage adaptation of William Golding’s 1954 classic novel The Lord of the Flies.


TV and comedy star Celia Pacquola is cast as JG Milford who surprises a small town in 1890s Australia when she arrives for a job in a newspaper office and they discover JG is female in the 1955 Oriel Gray play The Torrents.


STC regulars Hugo Weaving and Pamela Rabe will appear in a revival of hardy perennial Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  by Tennessee Williams.


Mary Stuart in a new adaptation by Kate Mulvany, after Friedrich Schiller, will be directed by Imara Savage, Cast features Caroline Brazier and Helen Thomson.

The Real Thing is the early ‘80s play by British master Tom Stoppard. The love story with a twist was famously cast on Broadway at the time with Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. Here, director Simon Phillips’ cast is Geraldine Hakewill and Toby Schmitz.

The rarely staged The Torrents by Oriel Gray (she was a contemporary of Ray Lawler) will be directed by Clare Watson.

Così, the hugely popular comedy set in a mental facility by Louis Nowra and directed by Melbourne Theatre Company’s Sarah Goodes features Hunter Page-Lochard in its cast.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof will also feature Zahra Newman (centre, below) as Maggie opposite Hugo Weaving as Big Daddy and Pamela Rabe as Big Mama and is directed by Kip Williams.


Lord of the Flies has been adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams and will be directed by Kip Williams.


How to Rule the World is a comedy by Nakkiah Lui and will be directed by Paige Rattray. It stars Lui, Michelle Lim Davidson and Anthony Taufa (below) as three political staffers from different cultural backgrounds jockeying for power and change.


Banging Denmark by Guardian columnist Van Badham and directed by Jessica Arthur is a modern comedy about a feminist academic called Ish (Amber McMahon) and a pick-up artist (Patrick Jhanur).

Avalanche: A Love Story by Julia Leigh and directed by Anne-Louise Sarks is the writer’s own account of her IVF struggle with her new husband and is a co-production with London’s Barbican Centre,

White Pearl by Anchuli Felicia King and directed by Priscilla Jackman is set in a Singapore cosmetics company that’s under fire for a racist ad. It’s a co-production with the National Theatre of Parramatta.


Mosquitoes by Brit Lucy (The Children) Kirkwood and directed by Jessica Arthur sees STC regular Anita Hegh star as a scientist searching for the Higgs Boson particle.

(In addition, the STC 2019 season includes its Wharf Revue by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott, back for its annual Christmas slot with a cast that includes Drew Forsythe and Simon Burke.)

All images above by Rene Vaile


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  1. What credibility does Rebel Wilson have as a stage actress performing in a major state theatre company?On second thoughts , maybe she was engaged as a legal advisor- they need plenty of help in that department.


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