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Star Trek on 3 Screens – The Future of Cinema?

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Watch out Imax, audiences will get to see a special version of Star Trek Beyond in an immersive new format, across three screens.

The new ‘Barco Escape‘ format is created by a Belgian company and utilises three projectors and screens to create a dazzling panoramic view for the audience.

Only select scenes from Star Trek Beyond will utilise the format and, sadly, at this stage only American audiences will get to see this version of the film in “Barco Escape-enabled” cinemas.

If the format proves a hit, ‘Barco Experience’ screenings could become the latest tool alongside IMAX and 3D to keep audiences paying premium ticket prices to see a film in the cinema.

Check out the three screen trailer (below) for Star Trek Beyond to get a sense of what audiences are in for with this new format.

Star Trek Beyond opens in Australian cinemas July 21 in 2D, 3D,  Imax (but no Barco Escape).

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