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Sarah Snook to narrate redacted scenes in controversial new Australian documentary

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We now have yet another reason to like Sarah Snook. The 28-year-old actor will provide voice-over narration for a controversial new Australian documentary, The Opposition, after the NSW Supreme Court granted an injunction to former Papua New Guinea politician Carol Kidu.

Kidu, who appears in the film, has been successful in attempts to censor footage obtained by the filmmakers (at least until a current Australian court case is settled). Scenes that feature her will be replaced by a dark screen with scrolling text and Snook’s voice.

The actor is on something of a hot streak, appearing last year in a range of film and TV shows including The Dressmaker, The Secret River, Steve Jobs, The Beautiful Lie, Oddball and Holding the Man.

According to Screen Australia, The Opposition (which premieres at Toronto’s Hot Docs festival on May 3) “tells the story of a David-and-Goliath battle over land in Papua New Guinea”.

It follows Joe Moses, community leader of a four-generation strong settlement in Port Moresby who must save the families before they are evicted off their land.

“Battling it out in the courts, Joe may find his community replaced with an international five-star hotel and marina being developed by the Paga Hill Development Company.”

While we’re on the subject of The Opposition, how stunning is its new poster? Check it out below.


[box]Main image: Sarah Snook in the Australian feature film Predestination.[/box]

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