Q&T: on Charlie Hebdo and punching down/up


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  1. hi jim i see why you say charlie hebdos like trump! i think what donald trump does is more of a joke to him then charlie hebdos cartoons are to them

    their definitely provocative on purpose and i think their mean sometimes. if someone wanted to hate them because their mean to people that semms right and ok, i think if u wanted to say that a racist french way of thinking is why they do it you could have an argument about that too but i dont know enough abour france or there culture to say one way of the other.

    i think alot of people who say they want free speech mostly just dont want bad things said about them and they want to say bad things about other people, thats maybe part of why i think it shoud be ok to make a joke about women even if your a man or make a joke about jews even if your not one. if its not a realy good joke you might make people angry but jokes sometimes have to make people angry dont they?

    (jews will always make better jew jokes tho , same as like how you make good seventh day advenstist jokes, because you know it realy well and you get how it works.

    i dont want a genius who gets things but isnt part of the religion or group to not say there piece because people might get angry at them. charlie hebdo say there piece about lots of things and maybe some is racist? i dont know but i also think people writing blogs about them dont know either. its definitly mean sometimes but people get mean and racist confused

  2. Dear Tris: Much to ruminate on in this Presentation. Charlie Hebdo more-and-more seems me out of the same stable of thinking as Donald Trump – bizarrely and deliberately provocative in the “punching down” mode. I think your graph on telling [insert here “punching down” minority group – you inserted Jewish] jokes is largely appropriate. If you are part of the in-group [unless a poet due for execution to-day in Saudi Arabia for “blasphemy”] then the joke plays to in-group parameters and is either appreciated or not – but let an outsider make the same point – it is clearly punching down! I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist but my blinding light of faith dispersal occurred around the time of my 19th birthday. I feel entitled to make jokes about that narrow fundamentalist sect because of my background in growing up within its strictures – its “certainties” and “assurances” – of the Seventh-day Adventurer type. Mostly there was nothing funny. I had some contact with Christadelphians – that was mostly an insight into anti-Palestinian racism – I was gone immediately – nothing funny there either – apart from the name of the sect – ironically. But with so little contact I might be punching down to laugh at the irony of the name of a sect with little Christ-like love for others who had not, apparently, despite living for ages within the landscape – successfully so, mind – not “made the desert bloom”. I can laugh at good and insightful feminist jokes (my wife, mother, sister etc being women) but it is not my right to MAKE the joke. Again, thank you!

  3. Sigh, thanks for the cartoon; pretty good but I guess it’s too much to ask that you learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’; and between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’; or that you do a bit of research on the correct placement of apostrophes?

    1. if u mena is it a joke which purposly misunderstands buddhism: yes
      if u mean is it a joke which isnt well thougt out: maybe?
      if u mean is it a joke u dont like: prob
      if u mean is it a joke which just uses a word like rape whcih will catch ppls attention: no


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