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Qantas to add Stan streaming to all domestic flights

For those flying Qantas domestic, in-flight entertainment is about to get quite a bit more entertaining, with free access to streaming service Stan.

Customers will be given a three-month subscription included in the price of their ticket, which gives them access to the full Stan library, which currently includes shows such as Better Call Saul, Sherlock, Transparent, and the complete series of classics such as Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier. 

The Stan deal comes after Qantas announced deals with Netflix, Spotify and Foxtel last month. But unlike Stan’s three months, Foxtel will only offer passengers a three-day trial subscription, and Netflix and Spotify are offering a one-month subscription.

In February last year, Qantas announced it would be bringing free in-flight WiFi to its domestic fleet, using ViaSat technology which taps into the NBN network using satellites. Qantas says the technology will provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which is substantially faster than most in-flight WiFi services around the world.

Qantas initially announced a rollout of in-flight WiFi for the start of 2017, but the service has been delayed for several months. The service will be trialled on a domestic B737 aircraft in the coming weeks, with a full rollout across the airline’s B737 and A330 planned for midyear, and due to be completed in 2018.

Qantas previously trialled an in-flight WiFi service in 2011, but cancelled plans in 2012 due to an apparent lack of customer interest.

One response to “Qantas to add Stan streaming to all domestic flights

  1. Why exactly is NBNco selling satellite internet service to Qantas anyway, rather than focusing on end users on the ground?


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