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Pop Culture Bites: August 1, 2014

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In this Bite, we look at the biggest wanna-B-movie of the year, what happens when you take the jokes out of Seinfeld and an intriguing conversation between comic book professionals about diversity in the industry.

Sharknado 2 – the best worst movie ever

Sharknado is the film that probably never should have been watched, and Sharknado 2 is the sequel that definitely never should have been made. The original 2013 made-for-television movie about a water spout which lifts sharks out of the ocean and scatters them around urban America was a surprise hit for the Syfy channel, thanks to a few celebrities who caught onto the craze. The sequel aired in the US yesterday, and has already been labelled the “best worst movie ever”, but some say it’s lost its B-movie charm.

Comic experts look at diversity in comics

The A.V. Club has assembled a panel of three comic professionals (journalists, editors and comic writers) to look at how comic books are faring in terms of diversity. They discuss the industry’s lack of diversity in terms of gender, sexuality and race. Read what the panel has to say here.

Friends, Seinfeld, without the funny

What happens if you cut all the jokes out of episodes of classic sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld? Well, for one, they become very short. But they also reveal the plot structures employed by sitcom writers.

NBC’s Peter Pan LIVE gets a Girl Peter

Well, nobody saw that coming. American network NBC has cast Allison Williams (aka Marnie on HBO comedy Girls) in the lead role of its musical Peter Pan Live, opposite Christopher Walken’s Captain Hook. After the success of last year’s The Sound of Music Live, NBC is continuing the format, which involves a cast performing a classic musical live, in a studio, as its broadcast live across the US. The Sound of Music Live, which was produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, attracted 18.6 million viewers.

Meryl goes Into the Woods – trailer revealed

Overnight, the first trailer for Disney’s film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods was released. With Meryl Streep in fine witchy form and a star-studded cast, it looks suitably dark and sinister. But there’s one thing noticeably missing — any singing. Could they possibly be trying to hide the fact that it’s a musical?

Tarantino’s eighth film poster revealed

The first poster for Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film The Hateful Eight has been revealed. While it doesn’t give away too much about the film itself (hell, it doesn’t even start filming until early 2015), it’s certainly an evocative picture which gives a taste of the tone. The film had a live reading earlier this year, with cast members including Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern, and is a post-Civil War Western. Earlier this year, it was the subject of a scandal when a draft of the script leaked online. Tarantino started legal proceedings against website Gawker (which he eventually withdrew) for publishing the draft, and even considered cancelling the film.


Brian Cox on the ‘novelisation’

Novelisations of movies are a truly bizarre creature. Who wants to flick through a few hundred pages telling them a story they’ve already watched on the big screen? In a new Funny or Die parody video, veteran Scottish actor plays a novelisation expert, teaching a seminar on the gentle art of movie novelisation.

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