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Playlist: Mike McLeish

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Mike McLeish is the Melbourne actor and singer best known for touring the country for three years playing the suave Paul Keating in Casey Bennetto’s Keating! The Musical. McLeish played another Australian prime minister (this time a fictional conservative called Cunningham) in the premiere season of the satirical musical about faith, DreamSong, by Robert Tripolino and Hugo Chiarella which just concluded a successful season at Melbourne’s Theatre Works. This is his Playlist.
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 2 Kindsa Love on Recovery
I vividly remember watching this live on Recovery and not being able to process the fact that this level of balls-to-the-wall rock ‘n’ roll was happening before midday. It remains one of my favourite TV appearances, by a band, of all time. BLUES EXPLOSION!

Beastie Boys – Sabotage on David Letterman
This is just plain awesome. Nothing further, your honour.

Queen, Annie Lennox and David Bowie – Under Pressure
Hey kids, there was a time, long, long ago, when the only thing on stage – even in a massive arena – was an incredibly good band fronted by incredibly good singers. No bells. No whistles. Yeah, I’m gonna say it: It used to be about the music. Observe how one achieves ownership over an audience of 72,000.

Dan Sultan – Old Fitzroy
I am prone to listening to singers that bring out the green monster in me. Dan Sultan has the voice I wish I had. Effortlessly soulful, with a fragility behind its power that makes it sound like every note he sings carries the weight of his world and ours all at once. All wrapped up in a beautiful and evocative video that makes me pine for Melbourne’s inner north.

Louis CK – Different Set of Values  
Mr. CK figures quite prominently in my playlists of late, so I couldn’t resist sprinkling in a smidgen of his wit and wisdom. Language warning: he says ‘fuck’ and stuff.

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