Playlist: Aldo Di Toro

After completing his studies in Australia, tenor Aldo Di Toro moved to Italy, where he has established an international career. aldo_di_toroHe is the recipient of Opera Foundation Australia’s Italian Opera Award (2000) and the American Institute of Musical Studies Award (2002). Aldo will be performing in OA’s upcoming The Elixir of Love (pictured above), when he shares the stage with Rachelle Durkin (also pictured above), Conal Coad, a herd of corrugated horses (again, above) and a flock of corrugated sheep …

Renée Fleming – Come sail away

Renée Fleming performs heart achingly beautiful Come sail away by Maestro Ennio Morricone. I’m a big fan of his film music!

Elisa and Andrea Bocelli – La voce del silenzio

Obviously, living in Italy, I listen to many Italian artists perhaps little-known overseas but here’s a lush, modern orchestration of an Italian classic sung by Elisa and Andrea Bocelli that will appeal to almost everybody.

Bob Sinclair and Raffaella Carrà – Far l’amore

I enjoyed the Oscar winning film “La Grande Bellezza” this year by Paolo Sorrentino starring Toni Servillo which showed another side to Italian society and some amazing cinematography. The soundtrack is fully charged with different styles and genres. Here’s one of the tracks which is, again, an Italian pop classic by Raffaella Carra’:

Lucio Dalla – Caruso

Recently, Italy lost one of its greatest artists – the singer songwriter Lucio Dalla. This song, dedicated to the great tenor Enrico Caruso is one of my favourite pieces ever and by now has become a regular item in the concert repertoire for operatic tenors. Enjoy!

Luciano Pavarotti – Rodine al nido

The incredible artistry of Luciano Pavarotti here in glorious voice in Rossini’s town Pesaro on the Adriatic Sea – not too far from where I live. This song, Rondine al nido, featured in many of Pavarotti’s enormously successful concerts including the Three Tenors Spectaculars. Also featuring popular Italian flautist Andrea Griminelli.


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