Peter Wegner wins the Rick Amor Drawing Prize

Peter Wegner held a sold out Daily Review Drawing Masterclass on Saturday in Melbourne titled “Marking Your Mark” only a few hours after he was awarded the prestigious Rick Amor prize for small drawings at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

On Friday Wegner won the $12,000 prize for the work pictured above, titled Three Days with EM. It is pencil and beeswax on rag paper and measures 74 x 32 centimetres.

The prize was judged by artist Nick Mourtzakis who said that when looking at a drawing “where the identity of the maker is present in a particularly distinct form, the intensity of the encounter can be alarming. As in all such encounters, one can walk away and hopefully try to forget”.

“There are many drawings in this exhibition that are compelling, particularly because of the significant relationship that the subject held for the artist and the meanings that are therefore embodied in the works,” he said.

“This drawing by Peter Wegner, in a most poignant way, brings us into a vulnerable proximity with the suffering other.”

Acclaimed artist Rick Amor established this biennial acquisitive prize in 2010 which is hosted by the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The winning work and other finalists’ work is on show there until October 2.

“I hope that this prize gives people one more reason to keep drawing on paper… the most direct and intimate expression of an artist’s sensibility,” Amor said.

Wegner was also shortlisted for this year’s Archibald Prize announced Thursday.

*Daily Review‘s next Masterclass will be in August with award winning artist Tom Alberts. Details will be announced this week.


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