Game of Thrones – The Spoils of War episode review

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*** WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD *** The Spoils of War isn’t quite perfect, but it comes very close. Game of Thrones can still be as clunky as a sluggish Lannister soldier on a macro-plot level but, when it focuses on quality character moments and thrilling set pieces, it explodes like nothing else on television before. The

Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice episode review

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*** WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD *** A constant criticism I hear many Game of Thrones viewers make about certain episodes is ‘nothing really happened’. With precious little time remaining, there’s an inescapable fear that subtlety and quality of storytelling will suffer at the hands of the plot expediency. The Queen’s Justice was undoubtedly an episode where

Game of Thrones: Stormborn episode review

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*** WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD *** It was perhaps inevitable that with the final stages of the great game approaching that various story threads would begin to fold upon each other, and Stormborn is predominantly an exercise in smoothing out the rough, overlapping edges. Stormborn is perhaps the most exposition heavy episode the show has ever

Game of Thrones’ Dragonstone review

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Thanks for joining me for another seasons of Game of Thrones, my fourth for Daily Review. As always SPOILERS LIE AHEAD! *** “Shall we begin?” – Daenerys Targaryen Premiere episodes of Game of Thrones’ series usually forsake the grandstanding moments the show has made its hallmark, and instead set out the tensions that act as

Game of Thrones season finale – The Winds of Winter review

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WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!  There are many types of Game of Thrones’ fans from action junkies looking for a fix of swords and blood through to those who get a rush from well-scripted, verbal stoushes between two contrasting characters. This distinction gets blurry at times but the show’s massive appeal lies in its ability to marry these two opposing ideals. What

Game of Thrones — No One Review

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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD After much of the this season has been spent clearing the decks from the events of the previous, No One was the perfect scene-setter for the rush toward the season’s final showdown. In a season in which the writers seem more concerned with ticking off plot points, No One was an episode of rare clarity.

Game of Thrones – The Broken Man review

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Spoilers ahead! Is Game of Thrones getting too safe, too conservative and too attached to its own favourites? When push comes to shove, does the show wrap its favourites up in cotton wool to save them for a rainy day? The Broken Man was a very good episode. It was directed by Mark Mylod, returning for his third season,

Game of Thrones — Blood of My Blood review

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SPOILER WARNING! Reunions and resurrections are becoming the recurring refrains of this rapidly passing season of Game of Thrones. Blood of My Blood (directed once again by Jack Bender and written by fan favourite Bryan Cogman) dials down the histrionics dominating the closing moments of the past couple of weeks. Instead, it reacquaints us with forgotten family, smouldering

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