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More arts journalism decline as RealTime ceases publication

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The national arts print magazine RealTime has announced it is ceasing regular publishing after 25 years.

Its managing editors, Virginia Baxter and Keith Gallasch, said in a statement: “It’s been an extremely difficult and a very sad decision to make to draw RealTime to a close — to cease weekly publishing at the end of 2017.

“In 2018, the magazine’s 25th year, we will complete the archiving of the deeply personal, totally consuming project that the magazine has been for us. It’ll be a year of reflection and celebration for RealTime‘s many contributors, readers and supporters and, we hope, provide an enduring legacy — a unique record of a period in which the arts have radically transformed.”

RealTime was a national arts magazine focused on innovation and experimentation, but its editors said the decision to close was made by its publisher’s Board of Management and themselves in consultation with the Australia Council.

The publishers said the magazine was no longer  sustainable because of the impact of social media on advertising sales.

The Australia Council gave RealTime a seeding grant in 1994.

2 responses to “More arts journalism decline as RealTime ceases publication

  1. This is an extremely sad day. The point of Realtime is that it is a national and central reference point in a sea of uninformed opinion and bucket loads of tedious ‘feelings’ that say nothing. Fuck social media. We are all better informed and none the wiser.
    Wishing Keith and Virginia well and thanking them for 25 years of committed work in the arts.

  2. I absolutely agree there needs to be at least I one Australian publicication dedicated to Arts journalism and critical Arts journalism. At that!

    We have a sorrowful lack of good critique in our society today. The critical eye is being overthrown by social media’s diatribe of opinion. And there are publications worldwide like Real-time that exist elsewhere so why does Australia feel this need to stop something so important in the landscape as such a publication? Let’s not go to the dumbed down option here folks let’s fight to keep our audience educated inspired and searching for truths.

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