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OzCo data shows inefficiencies of the major 28 arts companies

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New data published on Wednesday by the Australia Council demolishes some of the main arguments made by Arts Minister George Brandis for the establishment of his National Programme for Excellence in the Arts, Crikey reports today. 
The figures show that the 28 major performing arts companies funded by the Australia Council are comprehensively out-performed by the 145 small-to-medium organisations, despite receiving nine times the level of subsidy.
In 2014-15, small-to-medium companies reached a combined audience of 6.87 million people while the major 28 reached less than half as many at 3.37 million people. This translates to a subsidy of $31.50 per audience member for the major companies (they received a combined $106 million in funding in 2014-2015), while small-to-medium companies received a subsidy of just $3.36 per audience member on the basis of its $23.1 million combined funding in the same year .
Read the full story on Crikey.
[box]Illustration: Michael Agzarian. Graph: National and international audience data for major performing arts companies, small-to-medium (“Key”) companies and grant-funded projects, 2014-15. Source: Australia Council.[/box]

2 responses to “OzCo data shows inefficiencies of the major 28 arts companies

  1. I was speaking last Friday to someone on an OzCo panel about Brandis etc. I noted that Brisbane’s IMA, a small institution, was empty when ever I visited. The exhibitions shown there are so elitist and “niche” in the extreme. The OzCo committee member thought this was just fine!!!
    Australian arts is run by such people. Its a very lost cause I’m afraid.

  2. Comparing the cost and audience numbers of live performance activities to audiences for art exhibitions, digital instillations or literature, is a clear case of comparing apples with oranges.

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