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Oscar Finch's world's first 'honesty box' gallery exhibition

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The world first of a world first (…what happened and what I learnt from the World’s 1st Ever Honesty Box Gallery Exhibition).
Every first is a swirling storm of anticipation, rueful regret, what-ifs and if-onlys. I imagine it was that way before the Wright Brothers first flight or the first brushstroke of a young Michelangelo.
Equivalent feelings preceded Saturday when the world saw its very first glimpse of the World’s 1st Ever Honesty Box Gallery Exhibition (with my personally signed original prints) at a special book launch in Newtown, Sydney.
It was the first step on my Quest Of The Four Questions, a voyage of discovery and experimentation. Yes, there will be failures and successes but I hope human knowledge will be pushed forward with each tiny step…
What happened?
Until an idea leaves the warm glow of an optimistic mind and into the cold, stark light of the real world it is infallible. But real ideas are more influential than imaginary ones so they must travel that road.
Likewise with the World’s 1st Ever Honesty Box Gallery Exhibition. So I introduced its first incarnation to group of more than 500 people at that book launch event and here is what happened…
More humans saw my work (Question #1 of my Quest)! But did humans pay for it (Question #3 of my Quest)?
Of course the first step to many people buying my work is a single person buying it. After an hour I glimpsed the honesty box and yes, there was cash! I’d succeeded. Let’s not underestimate what happened: there was a human being — a stranger — I’ve never met who let me into their mind and had been persuaded to exchange their money for something I had created.
Over the next hours four more people including a journalist joined the club of first owners from the first edition of the World’s 1st Honesty Box Gallery Exhibition.
But of course this is the start of my journey not the end. As I watched, hidden in plain sight as strangers picked up my works and absorbing them, I began to scheme about how more people would give me money in return for my work.
And that’s to where I turn next…
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  1. original thinking oscar. maybe one day your work will be worth millions and everyone who walked past will rue the day they didnt grab a piece.

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