Oscar Finch: An open letter to billionaires

My letter to a billionaire (and a gift money can’t buy)

I often wonder whether the things I imagine in my artworks could come true.

That’s why I penned a handwritten note to a billionaire this week. I’ll deliver it next week with a personal touch along with a gift that money can’t buy.

Why a billionaire? Because billionaires are people too and have means to make big things happen.

If you are a billionaire or know one who might like to hear from me, it would be nice to hear from you.

Here is the letter and artwork.


Dear Billionaire,

My name is Oscar Finch and you probably don’t know me.

(Although if you’ve ever walked around the city you may have passed me hidden in plain sight capturing unnoticed people and imagining their tales — because I’m an artist).

Why am I writing?

Attached to this note is a gift from me to you. And I want nothing in return. Nothing.

(I imagine as a wealthy person you’re forever asked for things).

I’m guessing that when you can afford to buy anything it means you know (unlike most of us) that things don’t make us happy.

That’s why I’ve given you this gift because it’s something money alone can’t buy. It’s difficult putting into words so I tried putting into imaginary tales of real ordinary people I’ve seen.

My work imagines people doing small things to make their world a little more magical.

I’d love to know if my imaginary tales could be true if someone with means tried to bring them to life.

I’d love to hear how it goes if you try.

Gratefully, Oscar

Printweb_Here_are_some_ways_2048x2048 (If you’d like a copy of this print for yourself I’d love to share it with you, just go here).

If you’ve been following along I’m on a quest for more humans to see my work (a million), more to care and more to give me money ($1 million) in return for it (before New Year’s Eve 2016).

All this of course requires outlandish audacity and imagination but that’s what it takes to change the world (a little).

Next time, I’ll  turn my attention to something even more outlandishly audacious…

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