Nicki Reed: When I knew I was a writer

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Nicki Reed is a Melbourne novelist who started writing at age 37. Her books include the rom-coms Unzipped (2012) and her new novel Unmarry Me, a comic novel about an unusual protest movement for marriage equality. We asked her when she realised she was a writer.
“Apparently novelists can be divided into two  types; plotters and ‘pantsers’ which is the nickname given to writers who type by the seat of their trousers. I’m a pantser. My practice is to show up to a café to write a thousand words of whatever comes on two coffees. That is about as ‘plotting’ as I get.
In 2010 I was writing what would become my first novel. I was around one third of the way in and that morning I was writing a love scene.
I can’t remember if I had planned for any sex but there I was in the café smiling to myself as I typed. Sipping coffee while my characters were getting busy in the shower.
There was soap and a slip and a head injury, blood everywhere. My hands leapt off the keyboard. I did not know that was going to happen. My characters had taken over. I sat back in my chair in surprise and wonder.
One of my characters was bleeding and the other was calling her name.
It was spiritual, brain to keyboard, an enchantment had occurred. That was the moment I knew I was a writer.”
Unmarry Me is published by Text Publishing.
You can buy the book here 

Nicki Reed

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