New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern takes on arts ministry

New Zealand’s newly-elected Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced she will be take on the role of Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

She was previously Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture, National Security and Intelligence, and Vulnerable Children, and will hold all these ministries in government.

Ardern has previously described former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark as a political hero. Clarke held the Arts, Culture and Heritage ministry over the course of her time in the Prime Minister’s office, from 1999 to 2008, and notably increased the government’s investment in the New Zealand film industry during that time.

The new Prime Minister is famously an amateur DJ and a music enthusiast. Earlier this year, she gave the Peter Fraser memorial lecture about the importance of the arts, and the New Zealand Labour Party’s history in establishing the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. She said she believes every New Zealand child should have access to the arts through the education system.

3 responses to “New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern takes on arts ministry

  1. NO! Yet another Leader takes the Arts Portfolio!! In Qld labor Premiers Anna Bligh and Annastacia Palaszczuk were both Arts Ministers and all they did for the Visual Arts was give more and money to GOMA!! NOTHING to individual artists.

    They were only interested in the Cultural Tourism potential of the Arts. Stuff the actual individual Queenslanders that voted for them!!

    BOTH a disgrace. Even the current Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls is Shadow Arts Minister! Mind you you’d also never know it!!

    Prime Ministers and Premiers should stop treating the Arts as a platform for “soft” PR opportunities!

  2. That’s it . We are migrating. Tired of envying NZ! Who would have thought! Streets ahead of us even with conservative governments…. poor fellow our country. Please make it stop.

  3. There’s renewed hope for the arts in New Zealand again, after almost a decade of neglect by the economic rationalists who see art as a three-letter word and not much more.

    Jacinda, you go, girl!


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