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MICF: the Umbilical Brothers: Kidshow (not suitable for children)

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You won’t be able to look at The Brady Bunch the same way after the Umbilical Brothers’ Kidshow. No, seriously. Your innocent, childhood memories? Dashed.
The Umbilical Brothers — Dane (David Collins) and Shavid (Shane Dundas) — bound onto stage to perform for an audience of adoring kids. But something’s not quite right. The audience isn’t eating up their regular routines. What the hell is wrong with these kids?
Collins and Dundas used their unique brand of comedy to create The Upside Down Show; a kids’ TV show developed by the Sesame Workshop in 2006. It won a Logie (yes, a Logie!) but only lasted for one season. Inspired by the experience, they set out to create a kids show, but this time for adults.
The physical comedy, mime and self-produced sound effects are as brilliant as they’ve ever been with the pair, but there’s a lot more to this show. It’s driven by a solid narrative, and it’s one of the most complete theatrical experiences you’ll get in a comedy festival.
Still, at 75 minutes there’s a little fat that could be cut here and there. And the Brady Bunch sequence is so hilariously twisted and creepy that what comes after is a little anti-climactic.
But it’s a minor quibble in a show that takes you back to the comfortable place of childhood and then smashes it in the most gloriously messed up way.
[box]DR Comedy Warnings: Z, high impact MIME
The Umbilical Brothers: Kidshow (not suitable for children) is at the Arts Centre Melbourne until 13 April. Tickets are available at[/box]

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  1. I saw the show whilst in Melbourne the other night and really enjoyed the experience. I actually thought the performance could be extended in some parts rather than trimmed down. One of the great comedic strengths of the Umbies is their ability to develop themes over a period of time to great effect. At their own admission, the performance is not a finished product so I can’t wait to see how it has developed down the track when they perform it in Brisbane in a few months.

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