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MICF: Lawrence Mooney is a stupid liar

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Slap my arse with a pink serviette and call me Esmeralda Shit-Bits if Lawrence Mooney is not killing it, roasting it and then eating its corpse these days. Goodness, but this is a funny man. And a man so peculiarly satisfied with his lot, I don’t think he’d give a toss if I say: he wasn’t ever anywhere near as great as he has recently become.
Mooney’s immodest intelligence and his skill with filth have never been so delightfully apparent. In fact, they’ve always been buried under layers of camera-ready smarm. For whatever reason, he has lately helped himself to a family-size can of IDGAF and lost his aspiration to Breakfast Television cheer. And thank goodness for that. There are so many passably charming broadcasters and so few blue stand-ups who can make me bust a gut cacking at their comfortable self-loathing.
Mooney has finessed a comic persona of the sort to whom life just happens. His stories, which largely take place in the bedroom and bathroom, always end in misadventure never brought about by his volition but always by vanity and sloth. He seems to have a genuine mild disgust for himself and I am the type to find this very life-affirming. Which is to say, it is far more soothing for some of us to glimpse the possibility of living comfortably with our own tawdry filth than with “reinvention”.
Mooney has undone the fly-buttons of pride and allows his comic organ to wobble horribly in the breeze. Here is an id with a smart mouth and a fondness for elasticised clothing.
I love Mooney’s lack of interest in self-improvement. Normally, I would find his surfeit of interest in the Differences Between Men and Women irritating but, you know, he’s just funny enough to forgive. I can overlook a little non-toxic gender stereotyping if it comes with tales of disastrous depilation.
If, like your reporter, you enjoy the blue, the lethargic and the strangely self-possessed, you must see Mooney. If your stomach is strong and your interest in Personal Development weak, then you will laugh and laugh more than you have at any other point in the festival.
I am withholding a final half-star in part because of stubborn feminism but chiefly because awarding an imperfect man a perfect score just seems wrong.
Go see him. He’s a pisser.
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Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar is at Melbourne Town Hall until 12 April. Tickets are available at[/box]

One response to “MICF: Lawrence Mooney is a stupid liar

  1. Great show – a VERY funny man and a highly intelligent one too. I’m a staunch feminist too Helen, and LMs humour doesn’t offend me – usually!!!

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