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MICF: Jen Kirkman I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) Review

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Jen Kirkman is over 40, newly divorced, a bit of a cougar and not interested in having kids. And she wants to tell you about it in her Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show. “But it’s funnier than that sounds!” said the woman at the box office.

She was correct. Kirkman’s show is brassy, ballsy and very enjoyable. She’s a natural raconteur, and her show is a cleverly crafted and perfectly delivered monologue that feelsmore like a natural conversation with your funniest friend than a contrived comedy show. One story leads effortlessly onto the next, with no jokes that are shoehorned in or awkward segues.

Kirkman is at times brash, occasionally graphic and always extremely polished. She’s been in this game a while, and her material and delivery are pitch perfect. She slips effortlessly in and out of a husky Boston accent (“going the full Mark Wahlberg”) to play various characters in her stories, to great effect. She has her timing down pat, talking quickly but not nervously and ending on a spectacular high note (or potentially a low note, depending on how you feel about gravity and human anatomy) just as the dimming of the lights signals the end of her hour.

This might not be a show for 20-year-olds, but for anyone “of a certain age” (and by that I pretty much mean 30+), her observations on life and relationships are wry, sharp and spot-on. If that is the life of a beautiful, 40-plus divorcee, perhaps dying alone isn’t so bad after all.

[box]Jen Kirkman I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) is at the Melbourne Town Hall Cloak Room until April 19[/box]

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