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MICF: Des Bishop: Made in China

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American-born, Irish bred Des Bishop knows how to work a crowd, what jokes will work and how to play to his audience. He’s quick on his feet, and he can make a crowd laugh pretty much at will (“I know what ye want, and ye’re not gettin’ it,” he said in a faux – but very good — Irish accent to the 80% Irish crowd). He knows the Irish comedy shtick like the back of his hand – and he thanks Ireland’s current economic woes for helping him sell out shows in Melbourne. But this show is about more than easy laughs; he spent the last year in China, and he wants to bring both humorous anecdotes and cultural understanding back.
Bishop is nothing if not ambitious – his aim was to learn Chinese well enough to perform stand-up in the country (most of which is illegal anyway). He succeeded, and has come to Melbourne with what seemed like nearly fluent Mandarin (the opening rap is astounding) and a mission to help Aussies understand our biggest trading partner a bit better. He also documented his travels in a doco made for Irish TV, and he treated his MICF audience to a few scenes.
His genuine curiosity and cultural appreciation has made him the perfect conduit for explaining a bit of Chinese culture to a Western audience – and of course, there are laughs aplenty.
Go see this show. Des Bishop is a wonderful performer with lots of energy and very funny material. And you might just learn something.
[box]Des Bishop: Made in China is at Victoria Hotel until 20 April. Tickets are available at[/box]

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