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MICF: David Quirk: Career Suicide

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David Quirk looks like a ginger Heathcliff and it is perhaps, in part, this Ominous Heartthrob curse that leads audiences to expect, and sometimes see, a depth the Earnshaw orphan cannot be depended on to provide. 
It is not just castaway chic that wins him favour; they guy has written and performed two really solid shows. His affecting 2008 portrait of loss Kathleen Grace and 2011’s glimpse of rural Australian masculinity The Day I Ate Wombat offered a hint of a talented man who could one day write his way out of the pride of youth.
He hasn’t got there yet.
Stuck in the delightful rut dug by promise and deepened by comedy-scene adulation just a little more fervent than he deserves, Quirk has the gift of looking like he’s offering us something straight from an underground reservoir of pain. When, sadly, he’s kind of doing what a lot of dudes in their early thirties do in comic routines. To wit: talking about the mildly amusing things that happen in the peripatetic life of the youngish, poorish comedian.
If one is a comedian, of course, these stories about jokes that don’t work and cities that are unfamiliar could be quite arresting. For the rest of us, this discourse-about-discourse can seem a bit self-involved.
Quirk, let it be said, is a potentially remarkable artist.  When he regains his fascination with the world and begins to find himself boring, he might just offer us more than a hint of depth.
[box]DR Comedy Warnings: WHIM
David Quirk: Career Suicide is at Melbourne Town Hall until 20 April. Tickets are available at[/box]

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