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MICF: Anne Edmonds: It's Eddo!

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An admirer of Anne Edmonds’ discount cabaret for some years, I am very pleased to report that the artist has made no moral improvement. With each passing year, a woman who reliably delivers the comic exasperation of one cooped in a squawking hen’s night develops as a performer. But her persona has not moved from exactly the sort of vulgar irritation that I find delightful.
When she is not wishing for the intimate friendship of Kasey Chambers or describing her fear of evoking sodomy in conversation, Edmonds is world-weary. She moves like a teen who resents every calorie spent in the service of others and talks like an adult who resents the responsibility that encroaches with age.
The dynamism of rage and resignation works wonderfully.
Her shtick might be shiftless anger but the energy required to uphold such a fancy is fuelled by no little skill. Absurd and depressing songs are performed on keyboard with perfect detachment and gags, of which her own hopelessness is the most likely object, are meticulously written and spaced. Edmonds is in prime control of her voice which moved from a bored, just-perceptible mumble to reproduce the tremolo of a suburban mother who is just about to lose her shit and whack the kids.
Neither affectionate for nor critical of the boagn world she claims to inhabit, Edmonds is committed to character and never tempted to condescend.
That Edmonds remains relegated to the margins of audience awareness is curious. Go see her and stop this nonsense.
[box]DR Comedy Warnings: SING
Anne Edmonds: It’s Eddo! is at Melbourne Town Hall until 20 April. Tickets are available at[/box]

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