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Margaret and David might be gone from ABC, but SBS has you covered

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Earlier this week, Daily Review revealed that the ABC had removed almost 2000 reviews by Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton from the internet.

There was immediate fury across social media that the ABC had taken down this essential record of modern Australian film history and removed the work of the pair from 2004 to 2014 from public access. The public broadcaster is adamant that the reviews are not gone for good and will be returned online in the future, as part of a new archive site.

But if you can’t wait for your fix of Australia’s two most popular critics, SBS’s On Demand service is here to save the day.

Following Daily Review’s revelation, SBS published an article online proudly announcing that every review by David and Margaret completed while they were on the air as the hosts of The Movie Show (1986 to 2004) is available to stream on SBS On Demand.

In addition to those reviews, the free streaming service also has several of the movies which the pair had reviewed available to watch in full.

3 responses to “Margaret and David might be gone from ABC, but SBS has you covered

  1. Good, no loss in Margaret. She can be seen now rating movies down (sci-fi) because they lack her low brow version of “drama”, yet rates other movies highly purely on the country of creation.

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