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Film critic Luke Buckmaster on the crisis in arts criticism and journalism

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The crisis in Australian arts criticism and arts journalism isn’t next month, or next year. It’s now. On this topic the following comment comes to my mind, published on Facebook in response to a recent article I wrote about television content quotas: “When the economic rationalists came for our automotive industry, many Australians didn’t believe we could lose it. Now it’s gone.”

It doesn’t take a long bow to connect that line of thinking to writing about the arts. From time to time everybody thinks ‘she’ll be right, whatever will be will be’.

Given the grim business realities of publishing online, and the fact that even the biggest publishers haven’t figured out a way to sustain themselves through advertising alone, it doesn’t take a Nostradamus to predict the fate of publications that fail to attract the financial support of their readers.

The support Daily Review page now allows for recurring monthly or weekly payments. I can assure you that such donations make a world of difference.

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