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Linda Bull picks her American President

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Daily Review is asking notable artists for their views of the the two major US presidential candidates. Earlier this week playwright David Williamson nominated Martin Sheen for Commander in Chief and now singer Linda Bull tells us who she might sing for if invited to the White House.


Which singer/musician would you like to see become President of the US? 

Tina Turner.

How would the world be different of artists rather than lawyers and entrepreneurs held political power?

Any artist would understand the amount of determination and sacrifice that it takes to get to the top. But in my experience they tend to step around the people in their way, not on top of them. The world would definitely be a funnier, more open-minded — and hopefully –more peaceful place. Also, more money would be allocated to the arts.

Do you have any design ideas for The White House? 

Paint it black.

If Donald Trump were a work of art which artist would have created him? 

Patricia Piccinini.

Patricia Piccinini’s Skywhale


If you could ask Trump and Hillary Clinton one question whose answer would seal your vote one way or the other, what would it be?

Who is your favourite band or artist?

If you had the opportunity to sing for either candidate, which would it be?

I would not sing for either. But if I had to, I would sing for Hillary because she is at the very least a strong woman who backs herself. Then I would choose my own song, collect my fee upfront and donate the proceeds to a women’s charity.

If Vladimir Putin and Trump shared a house on a reality TV show who would you like to see as a third housemate? 

A very talented hairdresser would be interesting.

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