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Lazy Susan review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

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Lazy Susan is the name of an English sketch comedy duo on their first trip to Melbourne. They’re bright, bubbly and hooked into the current mood with many references to male privilege and sexism – but handled with tongue firmly in cheek.

The pair look deceptively like kids playing at home but this delightful look of amateurishness belies its planning and timing.

Celeste Dring and Freya Parker are disarmingly dingbatty in most sketches before dropping a line that not only ties that sketch up, but often circles back to much of what has gone before.

The show is busy and fast and most sketches are short and sweet. It’s sketch comedy for the YouTube generation. Each sketch is amusingly titled – I won’t repeat them as they do tend to give away too much of the content, but suffice to say that they are quite the descriptors.

It’s a busy show with a very high joke rate. It seems that this is now a thing but I wonder if that just keeps putting pressure back on the performers to spit out material at breakneck speed. Are we in danger of losing the slow wind back to a punch line that was set up in the first half of the show?  Can comics keep generating the lolz every 30 seconds and create a storyline for the act?

Dring and Parker come through it well. They tie their sketches together and play with grace and exaggerated silliness at the same time. They never lose that amateurish feel – and I mean that as a compliment. Their act feels fresh and new, like they’re exploring their art and fleshing it out in front of us each night.

Lazy Susan is on nightly until April 21

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