The Katering Show’s Kates get full-length ABC series

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, the stars of hit web series The Katering Show, will this year debut a new, full-length comedy series called Get Krack!n’.

While they took on the tropes of cooking shows in The Katering Show, Get Krack!n’ will offer the Kates’ acerbic comedic take on breakfast TV.

ABC’s synopsis reads:

“With no sense of on-camera technique, the Kate’s will shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations, surly guests, underprepared experts and the over-lit decomposition of the duo’s already rocky relationship. Like any televisual format that The Kates put their rough, manly hands to, things on Get Krack!n’ will go downhill fast. Frankly, whatever the hour, an audience deserves better.”

The Kates gained a huge following when their satirical cooking YouTube series premiered in 2015, notching up millions of views. ABC came onboard for the second season, which premiered on iview in 2016 and was later aired on free-to-air TV.

Unlike The Katering Show, Get Krack!n’ is produced specifically for ABC TV, and is a full-length series, with eight half-hour episodes.

Get Krack!n is produced by Guesswork Television, the company behind the second season of The Katering Show. 

The series will air at some point during 2017. No broadcast dates have been confirmed.

17 responses to “The Katering Show’s Kates get full-length ABC series

  1. Just sW five minutes of the show. Big on four letter words, short on creativity or humour. Crass and boring. Good old aunty diesvit again.

  2. Would someone explain why this exaggerated show, with its female body parts, silly voices and lame behaviour, is funny? Seriously convince me. It’s so self consciously Australian. Perhaps I watch too much English comedy like the Office or Extras.

    1. You can’t really explain why something is funny. Senses of humour are different. I find it very funny. If you don’t, that’s fine. Millions of others have found it funny, but funniness isn’t an absolute quality, it’s an interaction between different performers and different audiences. Nothing wrong on either side if you’re not the right audience for this show.

  3. Too bad I’m never awake until 12pm! I have not had breakfast in years let alone breakfast tv. I’ll probably just record it and watch it at 4.13pm while eating a packet of crisps and a mint slice.
    I can’t wait.

  4. The ABC synopsis writer needs to be slapped upside the head with an erroneous apostrophe:
    “…the Kate’s will shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations”


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