Julia Rorke and Elysia Hall: Not Another F****d B****h in India review (Melbourne Comedy Festival)


Take one part Los Trios Ringbarkus, three parts Pizza/Housos crew, endless amounts of absurdist whimsy, 40,000 volts of stored up energy and a smattering of every starflower, hippie ragger you’ve ever seen and you end up with Julia Rorke and Elysia Hall in Not Another F****d B****h in India.

This is an hour of super high powered snippets as the pair play various roles based on those who have/might travel to Bali/India on the hippie bogan enlightenment trail.

It’s a series of interconnected but standalone skits (like a YouTube web series come to life) with slide shows separating each section to often viciously hilarious effect. The slides feature impossibly beautiful set ups in third world countries, with women in bikinis hashtagging some spiritual BS, with a contrasting caption ripping it to shreds.

It’s bogan comedy with brains. Rorke and Hall have mastered the accents and rhythms of the Housos cast and made them their own, At times, their voices could nearly break glass, at others they mimic private schoolgirl fashion culture.

It’s very physical with dancing and jumping around, some beautifully executed fights that look real and its finale is especially hilarious.

Sydneysiders Rorke and Hall are here for their first season and they’ve created something unique and silly, clearly insipid by the success of Paul Fenech’s work, (Rorke does a spot on impersonation of his character Pauly). It’s so fast and relentless, it’s near overwhelming at times, but the costume changes form welcome breaks to each skit.

If you want something more theatrical and less stand up comedic, then this is a fantastic show.

Not Another F****d B****h in India plays at the Malthouse until April 22


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