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John Clarke, We Need You More Than Ever

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Vicious, I know,
but why isn’t it
instead, who’s dead:
a liar or hypocrite
or spouter of shite?

Who will we trust now
to pull the rug,
unmask the thug
and deflate the smug?
To call humbug.

Nice and slow
your straight face told
how the world was bent.
Your heart was gold
well spent, John, we lol’d.

JMC 1948-2017
[box]Drawing (2013) and verse by W.H. Chong[/box]

Read this tribute to John Clarke from his publisher, Michael Heyward.

7 responses to “John Clarke, We Need You More Than Ever

  1. I never met a man I liked more. Erudite, wise, overflowing with good humour, he had in him not one grain of pretentiousness. Even fools, he suffered gladly.

  2. Thank you John you have always been much appreciated and eagerly awaited by all at our house. Your passing is both a personal and a national loss. Vale.

  3. Thanks Chong. When I heard the shocking news yesterday, I remembered a comment you made after the death of Di Gribble, expressing the pain, the rage, that the best ones were being taken…and here again…beautifully put.

  4. Indeed too soon too soon. Another beacon on the hill snuffed. Damn the snuffer. JC wouldn’t want any fuss but dammit I’m gonna keep watching him (and reading him) and Dawe till the ache in the sides is unbearable. Then what? Damn damn damn.

  5. Years ago I watched “The Games” and my daughters gave me the book of the series. It was so funny and so cynical, and as a result, I felt no compulsion to travel all the way to Sydney to watch the real event. Much to my loss – they were and described as the ‘best games ever’, and the party atmosphere persisted throughout the entire period, a roaring success. We had to wait until 2012 for the London Olympics before this mantle could be rivaled. Vale John Clarke.

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