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Indoor Jungle book review

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Urban dwellers looking to build a green oasis in the comfort of their home should look no further than Indoor Jungle – it supplies not only the basic how-to’s of indoor plant care, but also bountiful inspirations for how to deck out every corner of your space with them.

Indoor Jungle is a feast for the eyes, transporting readers to beautiful spaces filled with greeneries from all around the world – each unique in its own right.

The 255-page book boasts amazing photography of green havens that’s guaranteed to evoke your inner green thumb and inspire you to head to your local nursery and grab a pot of montsera deliciosa.

Indoor Jungle is published by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, the owners of popular Sydney-based nursery and interior design store Leaf Supply. Both Camilleri and Kaplan authored their first book Leaf Supply last year, which focused on the nitty-gritty of keeping your house plants alive and happy.

In this sequel-of-sorts, the duo wants to inspire you to find your own aesthetics and help transform your space into veritable green sanctuary.

The book lays out the foundations for creating your very own indoor jungle, starting with analysing your space to find the best placement for your indoor plants. Where does the light reach? Do some rooms get extra hot in the afternoon sun? Do these patterns change along with the seasons? These are some of the things to consider before hitting the nurseries and plant shops.

Many of the plants that thrive indoors hail from the tropics where they have adapted to growth in rainforests with dappled light, shaded by the tree canopy above.

It then moves on to details about soil, temperature, light, humidity and fertiliser – all the fundamental building blocks to creating a lush indoor jungle.

If you’re a newbie and feel overwhelmed with the vast array of house plants to choose from, fret not. Indoor Jungle lists out a selection of must-have, classic indoor plants such as devil’s ivy and bird of paradise; and the rarer, well sought-after (or borderline elusive, some might say) finds such as horsehead philodendron and swiss cheese vine.

Once you have narrowed your selection, it’s time to find your own plant style. Shape, size, growth patterns, pairing, textures and patterns of foliage; there are plenty to consider. Thankfully Indoor Jungle helps break it down in layman’s terms that are easy to follow.

Camilleri and Kaplan also talk about choosing the right vessel for your indoor plants, and how to mix and match it with the right plant shape and size, which can make a big difference to the overall presentation.

Indoor Jungle offers practical tips to help readers bring out that “wow” factor in every corner of their home or office space with indoor plants straight from the horse’s mouth.

Thirteen avid indoor plant enthusiasts from all over the world are profiled in the book, each amassing an impressive collection of indoor plants as seen from their beautiful green-filled homes. Every single one of them brings their personality to life through their green decor, talks passionately about their love for greenery, and finds caring for their plant babies therapeutic and calming for the mind.

The beautiful pages of Indoor Jungle ooze serenity, making it the perfect coffee table companion or a housewarming gift that’s guaranteed to make others green with envy.

Indoor Jungle is published by Smith Street Books and is available in bookstores for $49.99.

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