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How to get a million people to see my work (…Buddy Holly and your parents)

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This week two things dawned on me as I wrestle with my Quest Of The Four Questions (how to get more humans to see my artwork, to care, to give money and before I’m dead).
First, humanity’s greatest quests always set unfathomable imagination-capturing goals. In 1961 Kennedy declared he wanted to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, in 1960 Nike’s goal was to ‘crush Adidas’ and in 1495 Christopher Columbus proposed to reach the East by sailing West.
Second, life is shorter when you realise Buddy Holly died a year into his fame at 22 and if you see your parents once a year that may only be a further ten times.
So today I’m sharing unfathomable goals for my Quest Of The Four Question. I’ll keep a tally in my sketchbook to share with you…
(If you gasped, then, good!)
Of course to help thousands of people care starts with one, so I wanted to share this encouraging note from someone that hinted I’m on a right track. It’s why I spend the dark early mornings alone with my ink, thoughts and imagination. They purchased an award-winning piece of mine about travellers on a bus called ‘Tales from the 470’.

“Yes, I really am happy to support your imagination and hope lots of others do too. I love the idea that someone is out there in my own neighbourhood noticing things in a way that gives us all pause to look at things better and deeper. Keep on looking.”

I also know that people care most when they are familiar with my subject matter so here are two more pieces inspired by people I spotted at my first World’s 1st Ever Honesty Box Gallery Exhibition (the body-swapping machine and the wizard)…
With a grand goal I now need to make some big bets and that’s to where I turn next…
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